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Rahul Ramachandran rahul.ramachandran at uah.edu
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•	Product and Services RFP discussion

Develop Re-usable Authoring Tools for FGDC/ISO-compliant Metadata

The ESIP Information Technology and Interoperability (IT&I) Committee
proposes the development of a suite of metadata authoring tools that
will be reusable across Earth science data repositories.   The tools
will be developed as a Drupal profile (GeoDrupal), that can be used by
data producers to create/author metadata information for geospatial
data sets, either through an easy-to-use, interactive, web-based
interface, or by uploading XML definitions. The resulting metadata
will be FGDC/ISO compliant.  Additionally, this task will investigate
the development of metadata translation tools to assist in the
conversion of existing metadata to other formats.  Several Earth
science data centers utilize an internal metadata format that is often
useful to have converted to additional standards (i.e. GCMD DIF &
SERF, ECHO, FGDC, etc.) The software will be published and shared at
Drupal.org on behalf of the ESIP Federation, making it freely
available for deployment at multiple sites. The modules necessary for
this functionality will be incrementally designed and implemented
under the direction of the IT&I committee.

ESIP Community Benefits: Provide re-usable metadata authoring tools.
Cost: $6K to develop, test and deploy within the Testbed portal

•	Drupal Working Group Kickoff Telecom

Please call in and add your ideas for the new Drupal Working Group.
We will be discussing the group's mission and core activities. Also
you can learn about the ESIP openatrium site as a place for sharing
Drupal issues, solutions, and features. And we want to start a
conversation with Erin about any needs the Federation may have about
its new Drupal site. Also, we will be having a mix of telecons and
webex sessions over the next several months to give DruWGies an
opportunity to show off what works and what doesn't work from them in

Call-In Information:
To start the audio portion of the Personal Conference meeting
Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-877-669-3239
Call-in toll number (US/Canada): +1-408-600-3600
Call-in toll number (US/Canada)*: +1-571-918-6008
Global call-in numbers:
Toll-free dialing restrictions:

Attendee access code: 231 367 82

* Call-in toll number (US/Canada) should only be used if the primary
number does not work.

To start the online portion of the Personal Conference meeting
1. Go to https://esipfed.webex.com
2. Click the “Meeting Center” tab
3. Select the IT&I meeting
If a password is required, enter the Meeting Password: 23136782
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