[ESIP-all] Semantic Web demos at November ESDSWG Meeting

Wilson, Brian D (335G) bdwilson at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Sep 15 01:25:49 EDT 2011


The Semantic Web sub-group of the TIWG and the ESIP Cluster are organizing
a session of Semantic Web demos at the November ESDSWG Meeting.

If you are interested in participating with a demo of a Semantic Web application,
then please send email to Brian.Wilson at jpl.nasa.gov or the Cluster mailing list.

The SemWeb sub-group telecon tomorrow, Sept. 15 at 4 PM EST, and next
month, will be dedicated to discussing and organizing the demos.
So you can also indicate your intention by joining tomorrow's telecon.

The software demonstration can be any application of Semantic Web
technologies.  We are looking for mature applications that demonstrate
unique benefit to the user.  Application areas might include:  smart search
and data discovery, data mediation and auto-integration, reconciling
diverse metadata formats using ontology-based matching, semi-automated
composition of distributed analysis workflows, automated construction of
user interfaces to invoke semantic web services, representation of
processing provenance graphs, etc.

The emphasis will be on demonstrating new and unique capabilities for
the user, and then telling the story of how the backing Semantic Web
technologies (ontologies, data in RDF, inference, etc.) enable these
new capabilities.

At the semantic web session on the last day of the Santa Fe ESIP Federation
meeting, at least 15 groups indicated interest in potentially giving a demo.
If November is too soon for your project, there will also be sessions
at future ESIP Federation meetings.  Either way, please express your
interest soon so we can get organized.

Talk to you soon.

 -- Brian Wilson
     Co-chair of the TIWG Semantic Web sub-group


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