[ESIP-all] Monday Update: Submit Meeting Session Ideas | Discovery EarthCube White Paper | ESIP Blog | Maiden Award Nomination Reminder

Erin Robinson erinrobinson at esipfed.org
Mon Oct 10 11:57:33 EDT 2011

Hi All -

Happy Columbus Day!

   - 11 more days to* submit ESIPFed Winter Meeting session
   *. The theme of the meeting is "Connections Through Collaboration:
   Engaging Community Throughout the Data Life Cycle", so sessions that are
   connected to other groups you work with outside ESIP are welcome. Deadline
   for submission is Oct. 21.

   - The Discovery cluster wrote a white paper for EarthCube titled: "A
   Light-Weight Approach to Data
   If you support the ideas described in the paper, sign on the wiki page.

   - On the *ESIPFed Blog* <http://esipfed.org/blog> last week:
      - Member Highlights:
      - ESIP Guest Blogger: Brian Wee,
NEON<http://www.neoninc.org/about/staff/brian-wee>(Type I member)
wrote a post "Virtualizing
      the environment: Tron at
      - Note: If you have post ideas please let me know - member highlights,
      interviews, community updates from other related groups, ESIP
      cluster/committee/work group news, ...  Subscribe via

      - *Martha Maiden Award Nomination Reminder* - We are accepting
   nominations for the Martha Maiden Award.  This award honors individuals who
   have demonstrated leadership, dedication and a collaborative spirit in
   advancing the field of Earth Science information.

   - *Telecons this week* <http://esipfed.org/telecons>:
      - Discovery - Tues
      - Preservation & Stewardship - Wed
      - Air Quality, Data Management Short Course and Energy/Climate - Thurs

Have a great week!


*Erin Robinson*
Information and Virtual Community Director
Foundation for Earth Science | 314.369.9954 | erinrobinson at esipfed.org
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