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All:We have two presentations this month as part of our Rants and Raves series.
Environmental Research Division's Data Access Program (ERDAP)Bob
Simons, NOAAERDDAP (the Environmental Research Division's Data Access
Program) is a data server that gives you a simple, consistent way to
download subsets of scientific datasets in common file formats and
make graphs and maps.http://coastwatch.pfeg.noaa.gov/erddap/index.html
Environmental Data Connector (EDC)
Kelly Knee, Applied Science Associates, Inc.The EDC is a tool that
allows users to connect to a variety of data services
(THREDDS/OPeNDAP/SOS/ERDDAP) from a variety of data analysis packages
(ArcMap/R/Matlab/Excel) to subset and download environmental data in a
format consistent for ingest directly into the analysis software.
Other Agenda Items:

- Earth Cube Recap- Suggestions for IT or Interoperability related
ESIP Winter Meeting sessions.
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