[ESIP-all] Viz Cluster telecon, 2pm ET today! AGU Posters

Kevin Ward kevin at eyeonclimate.com
Mon Dec 12 12:07:56 EST 2011

Howdy all,

If you were unable to attend AGU or are recovering from your
AGU-induced hangover, I hope you will be able to join us for today's
visualization cluster telecon at 2pm ET featuring three presentations
from the conference. Webex connection information is at the bottom.


Bruce Caron (New Media Research Institute): "Drupal as the platform of
choice for the Skolr digital meeting poster service"
     In the Winter of 2011, a small team received funding from the
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to build a pilot digital science meeting
poster service (working name: Skolr). Skolr was successfully tested at
the summer ESIP Federation meeting in Santa Fe. This talk will outline
the issues for building out this service within Drupal. The use of
Drupal as the framework/platform for Skolr is expected to facilitate
the rapid development of the code base, an ability to then develop a
mobile device application for meetings, and improved data-mining and

Robert Simmon (NASA Earth Observatory): "Methods to Enhance Climate
Change Imagery for Communication"
     One of the commonly used tools used in communicating climate
change to non-experts is data visualization. Images of measurements,
model results, and physical processes can be powerful for enhancing
understanding of complex scientific topics. However, many of the
graphics that are used in public communication were designed for
scientific peers, and not lay audiences. These graphics can often be
improved by applying principles drawn from graphic design and
information visualization. This presentation will offer case studies
of graphics from NASA press releases and the IPCC Fourth Assessment
Report and show how they could have been improved. The revised imagery
maintains the content of the originals, but presents it more clearly.
I will also show an example of imagery that employs these ideas that
we have published on the NASA Earth Observatory web site.

Phil Yang (GMU): "Visualizing 5D Dust Storm Data"
     Visualizing multidimensional data is critical to understand and
predict environmental phenomena for relevant decision making. This
presentation reports our research on developing effective and
sufficient visualization capabilities for dust storm forecasted from a
project among UNM, GMU, and UofArizona funded by NASA and NSF.
Specifically, I will report our effort of visualizing multidimensional
datasets by addressing challenges of 1) developing advanced rendering
solutions such as volumetric rendering to represent dynamic phenomena,
and 2) designing and implementing data processing and rendering
techniques to handle large amount of data.

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