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Tamara Ledley tamara_ledley at terc.edu
Tue Dec 20 11:41:44 EST 2011

The teachers in Maine are giving their freshman students iPads in January. 
 The email asks for good Earth science apps.  Can anyone offer some good 
apps that I can forward on? 

Tamara Shapiro Ledley, PhD
Senior Scientist, TERC
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Hi Tamara, Jodi, and Teon,
Thought you or your colleagues might be able to help Michael.
Best wishes,

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From: "Dalton, Michael" <michaeldalton at rsu57.org>
Date: December 20, 2011 8:22:16 AM EST
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Subject: [MMSA Science] Apps

We are getting ipads for all of our freshman students in January. Is 
anyone aware of any apps that would be good for Earth Science? Thank you

Michael Dalton
Science Dept
Massabesic High School
Waterboro, Maine

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