[ESIP-all] EGU 2012 call for abstracts: (1) Live Demonstrations of apps using OGC and other standards, (2) Collaborations for Climate Informatics

David Arctur darctur at opengeospatial.org
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If you're considering or planning to attend the European Geosciences Union (EGU) annual meeting in Vienna Austria, 22-27 April, please think about submitting one or more abstracts for presentation at these sessions (abstracts due by Tuesday 17 January 2012): 


ESSI 2.12 - Real Use of Standards and Technologies - Live Demonstrations
Convener: J. van de Vegte | Co-Conveners: D. K. Arctur, M. Santoro 
Session Details	Abstract Submission
This is a session where standards and technologies meet end users through demonstrations of leading-edge and ready-to-use services and applications. Focus will be on (but not exclusively) OGC based services, data interchange encodings (GML, netCDF, HDF), CF-conventions and their use in applications and services. Show us your cool tools for web-based data sharing, analysis, and decision support. 

The intended audience includes ESSI and all EGU divisions dealing with cross-domain information exchange that would benefit from use of standardized technologies. The session should act as catalyzer for:
- End users, becoming aware of existing technologies that are ready to use in their own domain.
- Developers implementing standards for services and applications that can benefit from demonstrated solutions.
- Standardization bodies, to consider refining standards based on real user experience.

Authors of accepted oral/poster abstracts will show results via live demonstrations on self-provided computers; internet connectivity is expected in the meeting room. Slide show (simulated) presentations may also be prepared in case of network difficulties.   (Note: this has been done twice before at EGU with good results!)


ESSI 1.4 - International Collaboration and Integration Strategies for Climate and other Geosciences Informatics
Convener: D. K. Arctur | Co-Conveners: M. Ramamurthy, M. Petitdidier, B. Lawrence, S. Fiore
Session Details	Abstract Submission	
Increasingly, the conduct of science requires strong international scientific partnerships and sharing of knowledge, information, data, and other assets. This is particularly true in the geosciences where the highly coupled nature of the earth system and the need to understand global environmental processes and their regional linkages have brought to the fore the importance of and growing need for collaborations and partnerships across national and continental boundaries. The climate system is far too complex a puzzle to be unraveled by individual researchers, groups or even nations. It is increasingly important to allow disparate organizations around the world to share climate and other geosciences data in an open manner, using common "community agreed" standards for web-based exchange. It is also crucial to long-term and interdisciplinary use of climate data in particular, to develop methods for collection, understanding, and preservation of provenance metadata. 

The importance of institutional collaboration is resulting in international team efforts involving networked scientists and data providers to provide free, open, authoritative sources of quality data that are available with reliable and timely access for peer review and for collaborative purposes. Several of these collaborations and related technologies are presented in this session.


Please, see  

Authors are invited to submit abstracts by Tuesday 17 January 2012.  Please, read How to submit an Abstract at: http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2012/abstract_management/how_to_submit_an_abstract.html 

We can't guarantee speaking slots for all submissions, but if you get a poster session instead, these are just as valuable and rewarding - I learn much more about someone's research when I can talk with them about it one-on-one for 10-20 minutes. I've met chief scientists of national agencies and other luminaries attending the poster sessions for just this reason. 

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