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*From: *"K. Estelle Dodson" <estelle.dodson at nasa.gov>
*Date: *Mon, 23 Jan 2012 11:58:02 -0600
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*Subject: *Abstract Deadline: Jan 31, Data Sharing Session at AbSciCon

     Hello All,

     I wanted to call your attention to the following session on data
     sharing at the Astrobiology Science Conference (AbSciCon,
     http://abscicon2012.arc.nasa.gov/) to be held at Georgia Tech April
     16-20, 2012 and invite you to submit an abstract.

     Please forward this to your colleagues and feel free to contact me
     with any questions or suggestions. Abstract submission deadline is
     Tuesday, January 31st. http://abscicon2012.arc.nasa.gov/abstracts/

     Thank you,
     Session Family: Overview Sessions
     Session Title: “Dealing with the Data Deluge and Silo-ed Storage:
     What Can We Learn from Data Experts and Our Colleagues?”
     *Short title (for abstract submission): “Data Challenges and
     Approaches in Astrobiology”
     *Description: *As we collect larger and larger datasets, new
     challenges are emerging with regard to data storage, distribution,
     standards, and processing, to name a few. Astrobiology and it's
     interdisciplinary nature adds another layer of complexity in sharing
     data across disciplines. This session will provide an opportunity to
     learn from data experts in astronomy, bioinformatics, geology, and
     ocean sciences, as well as hear about the challenges they are
     facing. The final 30 minutes of the session will be a series of two
     minute lighting talks where audience members can share their data
     challenges and solutions to begin identifying opportunities to learn
     from and build on each other's work.

     *Organizer: *Estelle Dodson, estelle.dodson at nasa.gov

     To submit an abstract, please go to the following url:

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