[ESIP-all] Mission Statements for IT&Interoperability Clusters

Matthew Austin matthew.austin at noaa.gov
Fri Feb 10 16:46:41 EST 2012


During the last IT&I telecon we discussed what the focus of IT&I
should be.  This was my first telecon serving as chair of IT&I.  I'm
very excited to serve in this capacity.  We came up with the idea that
each IT&I related cluster should have a mission state on it's ESIP
wiki home page.  This would  improve the consistency of content on the
wiki thorough providing a common view of the purpose of each cluster.
This approach should benefit everyone especially ESIP newcomers who
might find the wiki a little daunting at first.  Does this approach
make sense?

Here is a link to the draft mission statements.  It would be great if
each cluster could update the mission statements.



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