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thank you for keeping us informed.  My heart is sad for Rob and his family.


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> Hello JPL and Earth Science community
> Several of you may have seen a brief update I sent or the facebook wall
> post on Rob Raskin's status an hour ago.  In retrospect I forgot to add
> some context. Some of this may be familiar to you already.
> 9 days ago, Rob suffered cardiac arrest while on the way to the hospital
> in an ambulance. Although he was revived and stabilized, he went into a
> coma and in fact suffered a serious amount of brain damage due to the
> cardiac arrest. He has remained in the coma ever since he was hospitalized
> and has needed a respirator to stay alive. Numerous Eeectroencephalography
> (EEG) brain scans have indicated irreversible damage.
> Therefore, Lisa Steele, Robs sister, after having consulted with hospital
> doctors and one within her own family over the last several days, has
> decided that based on quality of life considerations and ultimately Rob's
> own wishes it would best to remove him from the respirator and any other
> life support.  This occurred earlier this  morning.
> So as I indicated earlier, he continues to breath without the respirator
> and his vital signs are rather robust.  He could live several hours or even
> days in this condition.
> If you are local to the southern California area and want to visit with
> him he is in  Kaiser Hospital, Intensive Care Unit, Panorama City, CA, Rm
> 1117.  Obviously he cannot communicate with anyone.  But Lisa encourages
> you to come by.
> Lisa requests if you want to contact her you can at lsteele24 at gmail.com
> I will keep all apprised of any new developments, news or logistics
> through the weekend. Also monitor his FB wall.
> Stay safe and peaceful
> regards.
>  -ed
> Ed Armstrong
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