[ESIP-all] RIP Rob Raskin, 1957-2012

James Frew frew at icess.ucsb.edu
Mon Mar 5 14:40:12 EST 2012

One of the books that introduced me to computing had, in its preface, a 
remark delivered by Edward Feigenbaum at the memorial service for George 
Forsythe (ask your nearest geek if these names are unfamiliar to you.) 
That quote has always stayed with me, and I can't think of a better 
tribute to Rob:

"He was one of the gentlest and most humane of people, and we loved him 
for it... He was a man without violence of the spirit..."

Safe journey, friend. The Federation won't be the same without you; but 
thanks in no small part to you, it will thrive.


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