[ESIP-all] Status of Rob, II

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Hi Everyone, 


We are new to the ESIP community. I did not know Rob personally, but am
touched by the outpouring of love, testimonials and support on this thread.
Our deepest condolences to Rob, his family and the ESIP community. 


Best regards, 




Robert Freeland







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Hello JPL and Earth Science community


Several of you may have seen a brief update I sent or the facebook wall post
on Rob Raskin's status an hour ago.  In retrospect I forgot to add some
context. Some of this may be familiar to you already.


9 days ago, Rob suffered cardiac arrest while on the way to the hospital in
an ambulance. Although he was revived and stabilized, he went into a coma
and in fact suffered a serious amount of brain damage due to the cardiac
arrest. He has remained in the coma ever since he was hospitalized and has
needed a respirator to stay alive. Numerous Eeectroencephalography (EEG)
brain scans have indicated irreversible damage.


Therefore, Lisa Steele, Robs sister, after having consulted with hospital
doctors and one within her own family over the last several days, has
decided that based on quality of life considerations and ultimately Rob's
own wishes it would best to remove him from the respirator and any other
life support.  This occurred earlier this  morning.


So as I indicated earlier, he continues to breath without the respirator and
his vital signs are rather robust.  He could live several hours or even days
in this condition.


If you are local to the southern California area and want to visit with him
he is in  Kaiser Hospital, Intensive Care Unit, Panorama City, CA, Rm 1117.
Obviously he cannot communicate with anyone.  But Lisa encourages you to
come by.


Lisa requests if you want to contact her you can at lsteele24 at gmail.com 


I will keep all apprised of any new developments, news or logistics through
the weekend. Also monitor his FB wall.


Stay safe and peaceful






Ed Armstrong

JPL Physical Oceanography DAAC

818 519-7607




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