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That is very sad news indeed. Sorry to be looking at it so late and responding late. I am not sure what I can add to the overwhelming responses from Rob's many friends and colleagues. I have known Rob for many years now (may be over 15 years). He was a calm, quiet, highly competent person with many contributions to the Earth science community to promote interdisciplinary use of NASA's data. His diplomatic, yet persuasive manner helped many collaborations to occur in the ESIP Federation. He will be sorely missed.

My heartfelt condolences to his dear sister Lisa.

Thanks for sharing his status during his final days.


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HI folks,

Its me again. With some unfortunate news ......

Rob passed away at around 8 pm Pacific Time.  I was not there but his sister and a few friends were nearby.  He passed on peacefully with little or no suffering.

Lisa wants everyone to know she really appreciates their heartfelt support, prayers and thoughts.  The get well cards some of you signed were read to Rob in the last 24 hours as were other messages such as emails and FB posts over the last days. We really really appreciate the support.

I will be offline over the weekend.  I will send another update Monday sometime.

Rest easy tonight, Rob. You will be missed. Peace and blessings.



Ed Armstrong
JPL Physical Oceanography DAAC
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