[ESIP-all] ESIP Energy and Climate Cluster Call Thu April 26th at 3 PM Eastern

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Tue Apr 24 15:00:12 EDT 2012

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Please join us for this virtual meeting.


1)      Finalize ESIP Energy and Climate Cluster white paper "Dynamic Decision Tools Catalog and Community of Practice: Renewable Energy Installations and Environmental Impacts". The latest version of this paper is posted at the ESIP Energy and Climate Cluster Page in the top right quadrant, here are the links:

        12 April 2012 - Dynamic Decision Tools Catalog and COP<http://wiki.esipfed.org/images/a/a4/EnergyClimateClusterWhitepaper_Draft_v3.doc>


2)      Discuss plans  for the Summer 2012 Meeting:

Session Abstract:
The Energy and Climate Cluster will have two break-out sessions focusing on (a) Dynamic Decision Tools Catalog and Community of Practice and , and (b) Climate Change impacts on energy production and usage. In the first session, we will recap the ESIP white paper that has been prepared on this topic,  get a perspective from government agencies (DoE, USGS, other) for next steps, and discuss ESIP activities to launch this project. The second breakout will explore data and models for the impact of changing environmental conditions on energy supply and demand, emphasizing  the water usage needs of energy companies and climate change impacts on water availability.

Call Details:
Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 3 PM Eastern
Access code: 23133897#

Dr. Shailendra Kumar
Co-Chair, ESIP Energy and Climate Cluster
Director - Science, Engineering, and Technology
Energy and Environment Initiative
Northrop Grumman Information Systems
Office: 512-377-2222 Ext. 243
Cell: 512-971-5947
Email: Shailendra.Kumar at ngc.com<mailto:Shailendra.Kumar at ngc.com>

Dr. Richard Eckman
Co-Chair, ESIP Energy and Climate Cluster
Manager, Atmospheric Composition Modeling and Analysis Program
Acting Manager, Climate Element, Applied Sciences Program
Earth Science Division, Science Mission Directorate
NASA Headquarters
Mail Suite 3B74
Washington, DC 20546-0001 USA
 202-358-2567 (HQ Office)
202-358-3172 (HQ Fax)
757-272-5565 (Cell)
Richard.S.Eckman at nasa.gov<mailto:Richard.S.Eckman at nasa.gov>

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