[ESIP-all] Metadata Editor Presentation on P&S telecon, May 14 @ 3pm ET

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Fri May 11 11:51:06 EDT 2012

Typically we don't send the Products & Services telecon notices to ESIP All, but we will have a presentation on this month's telecon that may be of cross-cutting interest to several folks.  In particular see the information below about Jerry Pan's presentation on the reusable metadata editor.  This is a task that has been developed as a task in the ESIP Testbed.  The ESIP Testbed is essentially managed by the P&S committee, but the tasks/functionality that are developed and tested there are sponsored by all the other ESIP interest groups.  In this case the metadata editor functionality was sponsored by the Information Technology and Interoperability Committee.  Please look over the description below and consider calling in for Jerry's presentation, and other agenda items, if it looks to be of interest.


Products & Services Telecon on Monday, May 14 @ 3pm ET

Below is the suggested agenda for the meeting.  Please let me know if you have other items that need to be addressed.

Ideas and discussion for ESIP summer meeting session
ESIP state-of-art document for all Testbed tasks - Jerry, Nancy, Phil - Christine has blazed the trail on this one and example is posted on the wiki (link?) http://wiki.esipfed.org/images/f/fc/StateOfTheArt_ESIP_Discovery_Testbed-20120307rev1.pdf
Testbed Presentation Series: Jerry Pan presents the IT&I sponsored Metadata Editor functionality
Re-usable Metadata Editor

(Jerry Yun Pan, Nigel Banks) 
Develop a generic, reusable software system to facilitate the support for multiple metadata standards and their variations. The tool will be flexible and reusable for multiple metadata standards, and allows an administrator to design and tailor the metadata authoring tool/editor according to the targeted metadata schema without writing new code. The core of the tool suite consists of two parts: (1) a designing tool for "super" users who are responsible for designing the metadata editors, and (2) a rendering engine that makes use of a pre-made metadata editor definition. The designing tool defines a metadata editor based on user inputs and saves the definition for reuse. The rendering engine makes use of the definitions to facilitate metadata authoring and editing. The "editor-of-editors" is schema driven. The design tool allows for the selection of a subset of a whole schema (a "profile") to form an editor, or the selection of an extension of a schema. The editor definitions can be exported and shared among multiple installations.

Source code management for testbed tasks
ESIP github project
ask Jerry to blaze the trail with the metadata editor
Telecon information and notes on the ESIP Wiki: http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/P&S_Monthly_Telecon_-_May_14,_2012

Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada):	1-877-668-4493
Attendee access code: 231 403 58

WebEx online access


Notes: the access code above (with no spaces or dashes) is the password for the online access



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