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Posted on behalf of Martha Maiden.

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For any of those interested, they provide the means to review and post

Duane E. Waliser
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Hi, Duane:

You may consider forwarding this message to your
MJO-at-large and yotc mailing lists.

In the draft version, only "short-term weather forecasting"
and 'seasonal-to-interannual forecasting' were itemized.

The potential benefits from Intraseasonal/subseasonal
forecasting were missing.

Have a good day!


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AMS Members:

The following draft statement is currently under review by the AMS Council:

*AMS Policy Statement on the Energy Sector and Earth Observations,
Science, and Service*

You may log-in, view the statement, and post comments at:
http://www.ametsoc.org/policy/draftstatements/readarticle.cfm <


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Meteorological Society. To manage your email subscriptions to this and
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