[ESIP-all] Monday Update: ESIP Commons Updates | Virtual Participation at the ESIP Meeting | NOAA Viz Lab GOES-East Update

Erin Robinson erinrobinson at esipfed.org
Mon Jul 2 11:13:41 EDT 2012

Hi All -

Happy Fourth of July Week!

This past week we passed a milestone on the *ESIP
 *with *real* ESIP members creating accounts and starting to add
content! Check out the posters for the Summer
the Summer
Meeting Schedule<http://commons.esipfed.org/schedule/Summer%20Meeting%202012>.
One of the big improvements for the schedule is the ability to see sessions
by expertise level (e.g.
or by collaboration area (e.g.

Speaking of the *Summer
Meeting*<http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Summer_2012_Meeting>- I am
also really excited about the virtual participation capabilities at
the Pyle Center in Madison, WI. Many of our sessions are in rooms dedicated
to distance learning - microphones at every seat, robust internet!! Beyond
the physical space, the ESIP Commons gives an additional opportunity for
virtual participants to share posters or comment on notes in ways that
we've never seen and there is always the #ESIPFed Twitter
hashtag<https://twitter.com/#!/search/realtime/%23ESIPFed>to keep up
with 'hallway chatter'. There is still time to register
for the meetings<http://www.regonline.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=1078265>-
virtual or in person. Looking forward to seeing many of you there - it
going to be a great meeting!

*Around the Federation: The NOAA Visualization Lab has upgraded its webpage
for real-time GOES-East imagery.  *
You can find it at http://www.nnvl.noaa.gov/GOESEast.php. Some new features:

   - Real-time images from four different regions of the Northern
   Hemisphere updated every 30 minutes
   - Animation of last 72 hours available in Flash video and HD download
   - Enhanced color mapping
   - 1 full disk image of the Western Hemisphere per day

Upcoming features:

   - GOES-West coverage of the Eastern Pacific (separate webpage)
   - 1 year archive of all images available via FTP

*Telecons <http://esipfed.org/telecons>:*
Thursday - IT&I Rant and Rave - Matt Austin will share GEOSS Architecture
Implementation Pilot.

Hope that you are able to stay cool and enjoy a bit of time off!


*Erin Robinson*
Information and Virtual Community Director
Foundation for Earth Science | 314.369.9954 | erinrobinson at esipfed.org
[image: Facebook]<http://www.facebook.com/pages/Federation-of-Earth-Science-Information-Partners-ESIP/150015055044779>
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