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I am not pushing against REST.  Quite the opposite.  I think that you are starting to see the danger of confusing REST and CRUD.  REST+Hypermedia is much better than CRUD any day.  
As a visioneer discussion, I would think that this would be of interest to help our community reach the next level (or show what it could be)... not solve a few classes of applications.

On Sep 23, 2012, at 5:35 PM, Peter Baumann <p.baumann at jacobs-university.de> wrote:

> Pat-
> well, this article nicely exhibits
> - that REST is inefficient on large data holdings and
> - the writer mixes conceptual and implementation level ("CRUD is a description of some generic operations on stored data, with no particular intention of serving as a distribution protocol, and thus little or no planning for the mitigation of problems such as accidental duplicates, time-outs or lost requests.")
> ...and generally seems to have some misconceptions about databases - many of the REST advantages listed can be leveraged with databases just the same (and more).
> ...but again, I do see value of REST in many classes of applications.
> -Peter
> On 09/23/2012 11:17 PM, Pat Cappelaere wrote:
>> Peter,
>> You may soon find out that an activity-oriented architecture requires some serious modeling and semantics.
>> If your goal is to simply expose your database model using CRUD operations, this discussion will not interest you.
>> You may want to spend a little time researching why REST is not CRUD and vice-versa.
>> https://www.google.com/search?q=REST+is+not+CRUD
>> Kind Regards,
>> Pat.
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