[ESIP-all] Call for Datasets for Visualization Framework Demonstration

Kevin Ward kevin at eyeonclimate.com
Thu Oct 11 16:42:53 EDT 2012

For the upcoming Visualization Cluster telecon on October 24 we will
participate in an in-depth demonstration of VisKo -- a framework that
supports the creation and answering of visualization "queries" that
abstract the visualization process away from individual toolkits
(e.g., GMT, NCL, etc.). It is also a very interesting application of
semantics being used to describe the nature of generating
visualizations in terms of operators, the visual abstractions the
operators generate and the viewers that present those visuals.

For the demonstration, we would like to take a look at datasets that
are developed and used by the ESIP community and use them to show the
power of VisKo when dealing with multiple data formats along with
multiple visualization toolkits. If you are interested in seeing a
demonstration with your dataset, please send an online link or, if the
dataset is small enough, a data file to Nick Del Rio at
ndel2 at miners.utep.edu . The idea is to experiment with a variety of
disparate data formats so no format is discouraged, and the wider the
breadth of data sources, the more effective the demonstration.

For more information on VisKo, visit http://trust.utep.edu/visko/

Kevin Ward
NASA's Earth Observatory
Sigma Space Corporation
kevin at eyeonclimate.com
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