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Thanks Ethan!

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Subject: [Esip-opensource] Check out EPA’s My Green Apps site: over 100 environmental apps

Apologies for cross postings. Please spread the word.
EPA just launched My Green Apps<http://www.epa.gov/mygreenapps/>, your destination for over 100 apps to help you understand and protect the environment. You can sort the apps by topic or platform, or suggest an existing app we could add to the site. In addition, EPA wants you to tell them which ideas should be turned into apps<http://www.epa.gov/mygreenapps/ideas.html>. Once EPA hears the priorities of the public, they’ll show the feedback to software developers who can convert the ideas into apps. EPA has already done some homework for developers and identified environmental data that could be used to build these apps.

Visit My Green Apps<http://www.epa.gov/mygreenapps/> (www.epa.gov/mygreenapps/<http://www.epa.gov/mygreenapps/>) to get an app that makes a difference. And spread the word!
Here are just a few ways this site can help the public and agencies, but feel free to suggest more. I'd like to work with others who are interested.
1. Help the public use environmental information to protect or understand the environment.
2. Identify apps that the public wants developers or others to create.
3. Identify data and subject matter expertise that agencies can provide so developers can create the apps.

Thanks, and have a great holiday,

Ethan McMahon || Office of Environmental Information || US EPA || 202-566-0359
Get over 100 green apps at My Green Apps! www.epa.gov/mygreenapps
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