[ESIP-all] BESSIG meeting Wed, 4/17, 4 PM

Anne Wilson anne.wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Thu Apr 11 17:16:53 EDT 2013


Next Wednesday is the April meeting of the Boulder Earth and Space 
Science Informatics Group, and also our two year anniversary!  If you're 
in Boulder, please join us to mark the occasion and for a remote 

Chris Lynnes, Chief Systems Engineer, Goddard DAAC, NASA, "The Earth 
Science Collaboratory"

The Earth Science Collaboratory is a proposed framework for supporting 
the sharing within the Earth science community of data, tools, analysis 
methods, and results, plus all the contextual knowledge that go with 
these artifacts.  The likely benefits include:

     - access to expert knowledge about how to work with data safely and 
     - full reprocability of results
     - efficient collaboration within multi-disciplinary and/or 
geographically distributed teams
     - a social network to bring together researchers and data users 
with common interests

Currently, there are some nascent efforts to construct such a 
collaboratory.  However, by its very (inclusive) nature, this 
construction is likely to be most successful as an emergent process, 
evolving from many point-to-point connections to an eventual ecosystem 
of cooperating components supporting collaboration.

In particular, the project seeks potential users of such a 
collaboratory.  If this tool sounds interesting to you and you would 
like to be involved in its design, or you know of someone that might be 
interested, please spread the word.  Tools like this may be significant 
in doing science in the future.  Students and early career researchers 
are especially encouraged to participate.

Complete information is available at: 

Hope to see you there!


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