[ESIP-all] Reminder: Fall AGU ESSI session proposal are due soon!

Jeff de La Beaujardiere - NOAA jeff.delabeaujardiere at noaa.gov
Mon Apr 15 10:36:31 EDT 2013

FYI, Ana Pinheiro Privette and I have submitted a session proposal to 
AGU ESSI. See description below. We will send a call for papers when 
(if) the session is accepted.

TITLE: Dataset Identifiers and Citation


It is important that Earth science research results be able to reference 
the supporting data, much as a paper cites others in the field. Emerging 
practice in this area is the assignment of persistent identifiers to 
datasets, along with guidelines for citing the identifier and (if 
appropriate) indicating the relevant subset within a larger dataset.

This session invites papers on topics such as:
* Implementation of dataset identifiers or citation policies.
* Appropriate level of granularity for assigning identifiers to large or 
complex datasets.
* Data, metadata, and preservation requirements for citable datasets.
* Creation of landing pages from metadata records.
* Guidelines for ongoing time series data and subsets of larger datasets.
* Identifier schemes.

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