[ESIP-all] [ESSI] Reminder: AGU session proposals are due soon!

Cyndy Chandler cchandler at whoi.edu
Tue Apr 16 11:53:21 EDT 2013

Hi Michael,

thank you for the reminder.  Never fear, we are actively discussing this 
in several venues ...

Check the ESIP site:
and you'll see three great suggestions already, one on interoperability 
and another on vocabularies (which is really about supporting 

There is another one on DOIs, and a great one shaping up on "Data 
stewardship: in theory and in practice"

On 4/16/2013 11:45 AM, Michael Piasecki wrote:
> Dear All in the ESSI community
> I had agreed with Ruth on a triple reminder sequence on the AGU 
> session submission deadline which is coming up on Friday, April 19^th 
> , so here is the 3^rd and possibly last one.
> Only three more days to go!
> ... and there are only 5 sessions proposed so far (11:45am EST today). 
> It is time to get active and take on the lead on proposing a few more 
> sessions. We have nothing or little on semantics, interoperability is 
> missing in all titles (of course it is a long word and 800 chars are 
> precious), little to nothing on education, nothing on community 
> development/governance (as are other pieces from the EarthCube realm 
> that are not here), nothing on standards, ... the list is really quite 
> long.
> Please start to think about more sessions and topics RIGHT NOW! We had 
> over 30 last year, and even though we consolidated some, still had 20 
> plus left at the end of that consolidation step. We are woefully short 
> right now.
> Thanks
> Michael Piasecki, Chair
> AGU Earth Space Science Informatics Focus Group
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> Just thought I'd remind everyone that AGU fall meeting "Session 
> proposals must be received by 19 April at 11:59 p.m. EDT/3:59 a.m.+1 
> GMT*" *per the AGU website*. *At this point there are no ESSI-related 
> sessions proposed, though it is early days yet.
> In the past the ESSI community has tried to generate interest in 
> combining sessions proposals prior to submission to the AGU system 
> through the use of a wiki; but I think that had at best limited 
> success.  I don't have ready access to a place for the community to 
> get together on this.  Unless someone else can offer up a site, I 
> suggest we forgo that process this year.
> In any case, please start thinking about sessions for this year!
> Ruth Duerr
> AGU Secretary - ESSI

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