[ESIP-all] Warning about AGU invited authors deadline

Joe Hourcle oneiros at grace.nascom.nasa.gov
Fri Jul 19 13:34:54 EDT 2013

I don't remember this happening in the past*, but it seems that if you have an invited author who is not already in the system, you might have to e-mail AGU them to have the person added.  It's kinda buried down at the bottom of their message:

	If an Invited Author is not an AGU member or you are unable to locate them in Abstract Central, please send their full contact information to abstracts at agu.org.

As I'm in the situation where I'm inviting agencies, and asking them to designate a speaker, I'm not sure when I'll have my invited author names & contact info.  (I had foolishly given them 'til the 24th, the same deadline as we have to get these names into the system).

So, if you're doing something similar, you might not want to wait 'til the last minute.


ps.  If you'd like to help ensure that we get agency representatives to speak** on their response to the OSTP memo to improve public access to public research and have a project to present on, please consider submitting an abstract into the session PA008, 'Improving Public Access to Science Research', http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2013/scientific-program/session-search/sessions/pa008-improving-public-access-to-science-research/ ***.  We've gotten committments from NASA and NOAA so far.

* although, I can't remember if we actually invited any authors in the session I was organizing last year.  I know I did 2 years ago, and I didn't have to go through this crap.  I'm starting to understand my boss's boycott of convening AGU sessions so long as they're using Abstract Central.

** vs. give a poster ... need enough abstracts so we can get an oral session, as they rejected our Union session proposal.

*** and remember, it's a PA session, so it doesn't count against the normal one abstract limit.

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