[ESIP-all] Looking for recent earth observations of the Tasman Sea

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Last night I sent an email to Brett Thomassie  at Digital Globe.  He is the Digital Globe rep for federal data systems, so perhaps Digital Globe will be able to help.
Ken Keiser also contacted Burgess Howell who is the PI for the NASA ISERV instrument on the Space Station.

Of course we don't know how things will turn out, but it is good to see so many ESIP scientists motivated to help by trying to make connections.

--- Michael

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Hi Joe,

Tomnod was Albert Lin's (CCed) platform (which he had originally developed for the Valley of the Khans Project to crowdsource the search for candidate Genghis Khan tomb sites):  see http://albertyuminlin.com/About.php) before it was acquired by Digital Globe.  Albert's team, whom he brought to Mongolia for the project, are now managing Tomnod within DigitalGlobe.  Albert has forwarded your correspondence to his old team.  Feel free to reach out to Albert, whose contact information is provided below.

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