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Big time agree Martha. Rahul 4 the win!!


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Subject: Re: [ESIP-all] New GHRC DAAC Manager

>Congratulations to Rahul and to MSFC!  Nice nab!
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>Subject: [ESIP-all] New GHRC DAAC Manager
>Friends, Colleagues, DAACsters and ESIPers,
>I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Rahul Ramachandran is the new DAAC
>Manager at the  Global Hydrology Research Center located in the Earth
>Science Office at Marshall Space Flight Center.    Rahul is well known
> the DAACs, the ESIP Federation, and the Earth Science community.
>Rahul¹s background in Earth science, computer science and informatics
>will serve him well.  Rahul received a  B.E.
> degree in Mechanical Engineering from JMI University, New Delhi,  an
>M.S. in Meteorology from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, an
>M.S. in Atmospheric Science, another M.S. in Computer Science, and
>finally a Ph.D.  in Atmospheric Science from the
> University of Alabama Huntsville.
>Beyond his impressive academic credentials, he was awarded the
>Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) in
>2009.  His research is focused on Earth Science Informatics connecting the
> application of computational methods and information technology to the
>acquisition, storage, processing, interchange, analysis and visualization
>of Earth Science data and information.
>Rahul is no stranger to the GHRC.  As an Earth scientist and information
>technologist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville he worked almost
>daily with members of the GHRC.  Rahul formally takes
> over as the DAAC Manager when he becomes a NASA civil servant on 16
>December 2013.   His focus on Earth Science Informatics will strengthen
>the DAAC and extend its reach into the our research and data community.
>As for me, I have just started a 1-year detail position at NASA
>Headquarters where I am supporting Martha Maiden in the Earth Science
>Data Systems.  I have worked with the GHRC and
> its predecessor projects for over 20 years.  I cannot say enough about
>the professionalism and integrity of my GHRC colleagues, but most of all,
>they are all wonderful people and friends.  Of course, I¹ll keep my hand
>in the NASA Earth Science Data Systems
> so I¹ll see you at AGU, ESIP Federation, AMS, DAAC meetings, and around
>and about.
>H. Michael Goodman
>202.358.1301 NASA Headquarters
>256.763.2071 NASA cell
>michael.goodman at nasa.gov

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