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That is a very good question. From an ESIP perspective we can discuss and decide what scope makes sense  for the new cluster.

>From recent work with CEOS (international Committee on Earth Observation Satellites), my colleague John Evans created a spreadsheet to compare what events different groups included in 'disasters'. The IFRC was most comprehensive. CEOS is currently focusing on floods, earthquakes and volcanoes.



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Could you explain what you are including in "disaster"?

The more obvious ones are flooding and earthquakes.
What about hazardous air quality?
What about pandemic flu?

- Joan Aron

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Hi All,
Karen and I would like to invite
you to join a new ESIP cluster "Disaster
Response", and subscribe to its mailing
list: esip-disasters at lists.esipfed.org<mailto:esip-disasters at lists.esipfed.org>
Draft mission statement of this cluster:
The main
objective of the Disaster Response Cluster is to facilitate
connections and coordinate efforts among data
  providers, managers and developers of disaster response
systems and tools, and end-user communities within
Examples of
topics that the cluster will address include:
disaster response full-cycleMap
dataset types to disaster types by leveraging existing
effortsAssess and prioritize use cases and
user needs Assess
existing capabilities and processesAssess
common architecture patterns to disaster
webinars or other outreach plans to raise awareness with
If you
are interested, please participate in the following
  Doodle Poll "ESIP Disaster Response Monthly
Telecon" and cast your votes by the end of Feb 5, next
We'd like to kick off our
first teleon in either 2nd or 3rd week of February to
finalize the cluster's mission statement, discuss goals
and potential activities the group plan to accomplish by
  Summer ESIP. Below is a list of possible
activities that we can touch on.
Gather insights from organizations addressing disasters
like GEOSS, USGEO, OSTP, CEOS, OGC (complement not duplicate
effort)Collect information from ESIP members
involved in disaster response/risk reduction such as what
data are being used now (list of derived products) and map
data sources to consumers (probably by hazard
type)Capture use casesIdentify commonality
and major gapsDevelop a webinar or exhibit on the
use of EO for disasters to engage end users and better
understand their needs
We look
forward to our 1st telecon, and working with you.
Emily Law
& Karen Moe
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