[ESIP-all] Meeting Venues and Climate Change

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Take a look at the discussion of facial expression in Gladwell's book "Blink". Current videoconferencing is nowhere close to giving us all of the cues we rely on for effective conversation. Good speakers can make up for this to some extent in a presentation (e.g. Roosevelt's fireside chats) but interaction is much more difficult. We've recognized in the OGC virtual test beds and pilots that without at least an initial F2F meeting, renewed every few months, it is very difficult and time consuming for a group to come to any mutual understanding, let alone compromise and eventual consensus. Another way to look at this is that virtual interactions are typically much more efficient when supported by live interaction experience shared between the participants.

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>> The better teleconferencing gets the more everyone would sit at their desks to participate.  I've thought about this a lot wrt the BESSIG.  If we actually were able to stream our meetings (which we're not), I believe fewer people would attend in person.  It would be yet another telecon, yuck.
> I've noticed that I'm more tempted to glance off to my email when the virtual meeting is mostly or all talking/telecon. 
> Paradoxically, the most engaged I have been in a WebEx was a silent workshop we held, with all of the communication taking place through the chat window.  This forced the eyes to stay engaged continually, and also had the beneficial(!) effect that people could talk over each other without interrupting them.    
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