[ESIP-all] Meeting Venues and Climate Change

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Great thread...

The visioneers have been working on this issue for years... On one front,
recognizing the various costs of travel, including costs to the planet, the
visioneers have worked to make the person-to-person experience more
effective and rewarding, by creating more opportunities for the types of
interactions that are only available in person. More breaks, more small
group discussions, posters, receptions, hallways, venues in places with
good food and great coffee, and all the rest...  AND the differentiation
between a hands-on summer working meeting and a higher level town hall and
agency information winter meeting allows teams to select who to send to
each of these.

One of the (perverse) side effects of creating a better in-person
experience for the meeting is that this makes remote participation less
attractive. While we can do put PPTs and talks up on Webex, the real heart
of the meeting (hundreds of technical conversations) are lost.  In part, in
the future, the twitter stream may help bring that in-meeting experience to
remote participants...

While we want to make the ESIP meeting be extremely rewarding for its
participants, we are still looking to find ways to make this less
burdensome on the planet.

THIS is another open invitation for people who have ideas about the future
of meetings in the face of climate change to JOIN in on the visioneers
telecon. Help us find new ways to support people to participate remotely,
and to help members travel together or with a smaller carbon footprint.

OUR next telecon is MONDAY, February 10, 10am PT 1pm ET

EVERYONE is invited to join in and help shape the summer meeting. If you
have an idea to make the meeting better, or a peeve about something that
happened at prior meetings, join the call and help us keep the promise of
ESIP: *ESIP hosts the best earth science data and technology meetings on
the planet!*

The summer meeting will be at Copper Mountain Colorado, July 8-11.

HERE is info for the call:

To join the online portion of the meeting:


   1. Click join next to the meeting name. (Note: If the meeting has not
   yet started, join will not be visible, and it will say 'Display Info'. Wait
   a minute and refresh screen)
   2. Enter your name and email address
   3. If you are asked for a password, enter the access code: 23138379 with
   no spaces or #.
   4. You can start VoIP after you are in the web meeting or call-in
   toll-free number (US/Canada): 1-877-668-4493
   5. Attendee access code: 23138379#



On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 8:32 AM, Bruce Barkstrom <brbarkstrom at gmail.com>wrote:

> Maybe we need to consider the "moral challenge of climate change" when
> planning our
> meetings.  There's a real challenge in the Slate article
> http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/future_tense/2014/02/why_a_meteorologist_took_the_bus_for_28_hours_instead_of_flying.html?wpisrc=hpsponsoredd2
> Perhaps it would be appropriate for ESIP to work on ways of improving our
> virtual
> meeting capabilities to cut down on travel.  I don't know whether agencies
> would consider
> converting travel funds to improved virtual meeting capability.
> Bruce B.
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