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Amber E Budden aebudden at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 17:32:21 EDT 2014

Dear Colleagues

Only one week remains to submit applications for the DataONE 2014 Summer
Internship Program.  Please circulate among your colleagues, coworkers,
students etc.

Eleven projects are available for consideration, ranging from provenance,
to open science software development, to semantics, to online education and
video development.  A full list of projects is provided below and more
information can be found at: www.dataone.org/internships.

DataONE 2014 Summer Internship Projects

   1. Enabling Data Annotation: Integrating User Management into the
   DataONE Metadata Environment
   2. Integrating Ontology Search and Recommendation into the DataONE
   Metadata Environment
   3. Scaffolding Citizen Science Projects to Improve the Quality of
   Citizen Science Data Through Targeted APIs Supporting Collection and
   Integration of Citizen Science Data into DataONE Member Nodes
   4. Tuning the Citizen Science "Instrument" for Gathering Data While
   Documenting Data Quality
   5. Providing Provenance Trace in OPeNDAP Hyrax Served Science Data in a
   DataONE Member Node
   6. Understanding and Using Provenance from Digital Notebooks
   7. Community Sustainable Scientific Metadata Standards Directory
   8. SimilarityExplorer: Inspire Climate Science Discovery Through
   Advanced Big Data Analysis
   9. Implementing Add-On Features that add Value to DataONE and Center for
   Open Science Communities
   10. Creating Engaging Video Shorts for Stories About Data Management and
   11. Developing Screencast Tutorials for DataONE Tools and Resources

Open to undergraduate students, graduate students, and postgraduates who
have received their degree within the past five years, the Summer
Internship Program provides a $5,000 stipend for a for a nine week work
period starting late May.  Applicants must have a valid Visa to work in the
US and be resident in the US during the internship period.

The application deadline is March 18th 2014.

Full information and application details can be found at:
Additional questions can be addressed to
internship at dataone.org<internship at dataone.org>

Best Regards
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