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This should be an interesting discussion and also relates to the Data
Quality sessions that are planned for the summer meeting.


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Harry Furukawa, the Director of Product Development from AGU will give
this month's Rant and Rave for IT&I at 3:00 EDT June 5th.  Abstract
and call details are below.

Data Management Maturity Model

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) is exploring the idea of
convening relevant stakeholders to develop a voluntary,
self-assessment data management maturity (DMM) model, in the Earth and
space sciences. AGU will provide a brief presentation and engage
participants in a discussion to gauge reactions to the idea of a DMM
model and level of interest in participating.


The amount of data generated every month is exploding and managing
data is becoming everyone’s headache. The Earth and space sciences are
no different. Scientists need to manage the vast amount of data that
they generate, use, store, and share.

Approaches to data management can be divided into two broad areas: 1)
standards, which set minimum performance levels, and 2) maturity
models, which promote assessment against best practices and process
improvement. In the area of standards, much has been said about the
multiplicity of standards and reconciling them. More recent
discussions concern the wide variation in implementing whatever
standards are used. Improvement in this arena may be facilitated by
the use of a data management maturity (DMM) model.

“The Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model defines the ‘what and why’
of data management across core process and important functional areas
within an enterprise. It provides standard assessment criteria that
organizations can use to evaluate data management activities against
documented best practice.” (Source: Enterprise Data Management (EDM)
Council, a group of financial industry organizations) The EDM DMM is
based on the Capability

Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) designed for software development.
In a maturity model, "maturity" relates to the degree of formality and
optimization of processes, from ad hoc practices, to formally defined
steps, to managed result metrics, to active optimization of the
processes. A model gives us an understanding of discrete elements in
an organization and helps to formulate language and discussion of what
needs to be improved and how such improvement might be achieved.
Benefits of a model include:

• providing a common framework and language to help communicate

• helping users keep the big picture in mind while focusing
specifically on improvement

• is often supported by trainers and consultants

• can provide a standard to help solve disagreements

In the Earth and space sciences, several prototype designs have been
raised for discussion.

>From an initial round of conversations, AGU believes that it would be
beneficial for stakeholders to coalesce around a common framework and
is exploring whether it should help convene that effort.

Call details:

When:  June 5th, 3:00 EDT

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