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FYI, Wenming is part of a group we have formed called, the EarthCube Cloud
Commons (ECC), whose objective is to encourage adoption of cloud computing
for geoscience research. We are creating a few demo VM’s for the VM Depot.
We hope to have some demos for the EarthCube All-Hands Meeting.
Please feel free to join this activity—by sending me email at
baru at sdsc.edu.


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>This is great Phil. We may want to invite Ross Gardler to this
>(CC'ed). He is on the Apache board and he has spoken to ESIP before
>about VMDepot at Microsoft which has similar goals I think.
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>Research Computation using Microsoft Azure
>>Dear All, 
>>The cloud computing cluster invited Dr. Wenming Ye from Microsoft to talk
>>about how Azure can be adopted for geoscience research. We look forward
>>to your participation.
>>Learn how easy it is to move beyond your desktop using the cloud.
>>Microsoft Azure provides a highly scalable and flexible cloud
>>infrastructure for big data computations.
>>Areas covered in the session:
>>€How cloud computing enables you to run data-intensive computations, and
>>at scale
>>€Easily running parameter sweep/map reduce compute jobs for your
>>scientific analysis
>>€Developing, deploying, and running scaled out R, Matlab, and Python
>>applications on Microsoft Azure
>>Discover the resources available to help you take advantage of cloud
>>computing for your research, including Microsoft Azure awards, free
>>training courses around the world, online training, and technical papers
>>at www.azure4research.com.
>>Wenming Ye is a Sr. Research Program Manager at Microsoft Research. His
>>current responsibility is helping researchers to utilize Cloud-based Big
>>Data and Big Compute tools in their research. After completing his
>>graduate work at CU Boulder, Mr. Ye joined SRI International, where he
>>focused on design and development of innovative wireless, handheld, and
>>Web-based simulation tools and services. Mr. Ye returned to Boulder as a
>>Sr. developer on the commercialization team at Tech-X Corp, where he
>>developed and productized large-scale HPC software. Mr. Ye then joined
>>Microsoft as a Sr. technical evangelist worked on products including
>>Windows HPC, Technical Computing, Microsoft Azure and HDInsight.
>>Chaowei Phil Yang, Ph.D.,
>>Director, NSF Spatiotemporal Innovation Center; www.stcenter.net
>>Co-Director, Center for Intelligent Spatial Computing
>>Chair, ISPRS ICWG IV/II: Computing Optimization for SDB and LBS
>>Professor, GGS, GMU, http://ggs.gmu.edu/
>>Tel: 703-993-4742 (O)
>>Yang C., Huang Q., Li Z., Xu C., Liu K., 2014. Spatial Cloud Computing: A
>>Practical Approach. CRC Press. 358p.
>>Online content and downloads:
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