[ESIP-all] Invitation to join the Metadata Hack-a-Thon

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Wed Jul 9 13:15:53 EDT 2014

Dear ESIP attendees,

Data without documentation that users can use and understand are an
enduring liability for providers and users. Metadata play a critical role
in data sustainability as the structured and standard elements of
documentation. Please join the Documentation Cluster to help develop and
improve metadata and metadata practices at the Metadata Hack-a-Thon session
on Thursday at 3:30 in Ptarmigan B.

The intent of this forum is to facilitate discussions, work through
questions and determine implementations of standardized metadata using the
ISO 19115+ standards.

Some related activities in the Documentation Cluster that can be explored
during this session:

* consistent description of data quality information in ISO 19157
* relationships between provenance and ISO lineage
* utilization of metadata to facilitate DOI citations
* HTML displays of metadata leveraging schema.org tags
* xlinks in metadata to linked open data terms
* generation of metadata from domain specific databases
* your topic
OR perhaps, you just want to know how to get started creating metadata

 The content of this session is dependent on the questions and use cases
that you bring to the session!

 Hope to see you there!
Anna.Milan at noaa.gov, 303-497-5099

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