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Dear All,

I'm pleased to report that two papers of the cloud computing special issue are selected for free access. I would also like to attribute this to Doug Nebert (past away accidentally), who is a co-author of the first paper. This clearly shows that he is not only a great technologist for government and inter-government, but also very deep into the academic communities as demonstrated by this and his many other scholar publications. Please sign the image posters for him and Lola, who made significant contributions to our community. 

Redefining the possibility of digital Earth and geosciences ith spatial cloud computing
Chaowei Yang, Yan Xu and Douglas Nebert

Enabling Digital Earth simulation models using cloud computing or grid computing - Two approaches supporting high-performance GIS simulation frameworks
Ick-Hoi Kim and Ming-Hsiang Tsou

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To: Chaowei Yang; Chaowei Yang; Douglas Nebert; yanxu
Subject: Your paper on IJDE Editor's Choice

Dear Prof. Chaowei Yang, Yan Xu, Douglas Nebert,

I am very pleased to select your paper entitled "Redefining the possibility of digital Earth and geosciences ith spatial cloud computing" published on the International Journal of Digital Earth for the Editor's Choice campaign, which will enable the paper being FREE Accessed worldwide.

Please help us to send this news to your colleagues as widely as possible with the link:


Thanks for all your contr! ibutions to IJDE.

Best regards

Changlin WANG
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