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Research Data Alliance/US Fellows Program – Call for Participation

[https://rd-alliance.org/system/files/calendaricon.png] Deadline for applications: 20 July 2014!


The RDA/US Fellows Program engages early career scholars and professionals in the pragmatic, real-world challenges that are encountered in reducing the technical and social barriers to global data sharing.

RDA/US Fellows receive travel funding to observe, learn, be ambassadors of RDA, and contribute to the overall bold mission of the Research Data Alliance.

Fellows will be funded to attend three consecutive plenaries (every 6 months) to present or discuss a topic of research, outreach, or education that they currently work on or plan to be working on soon:

  *   Study RDA social/organizational dynamics,
  *   Develop course content for use in a classroom,
  *   Develop a software tool that utilizes one or more RDA products in a demonstration of interoperability,
  *   Represent your scientific or scholarly discipline in one or more of the RDA working groups and demonstrate how RDA products could advance the discipline,
  *   Bring your dataset, with goal to adopt technology, practices and services to enable its sharing

For more information about the criteria for selection, eligibility and how to apply visit  the  RDA/US Fellows Program webpage<https://sites.google.com/a/umail.iu.edu/research-data-alliance-2/rda-us-fellows> or rd-alliance.org<https://rd-alliance.org/research-data-allianceus-fellows-program-%E2%80%93-call-participation.html>


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