[ESIP-all] Virtual Expedition to the Southern ocean studying the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and sea floor spreading

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Tue Aug 5 00:25:57 EDT 2014

Hello CLEAN Network...
Are you, a family member, a child, even your class interested in following along on a research expedition to the southern ocean?

Hi, I am Jillian Worssam and this September as part of PolarTREC I will be heading to the Southern Ocean to study Sea Floor Changes and the Antarctic Circumpolar current...and I NEED YOUR HELP.

What better way to help individuals understand the breadth of scientific exploration and how it relates to climate than to experience through the wonderful world of digital communication first hand a research expedition to the southern ocean!

I have set a challenge for myself to have students, friends children, scientists, any interested parties from EVERY STATE IN AMERICA follow our research expedition through my blog and "Flag" project.

The gist of my challenge is that I will send ANY interested parties a "Flag Kit"  The kit includes:
A post card that I will mail back from Punta Arenas, Chile
A nylon flag that you decorate that I will highlight in my daily blog (you mail it back to me)
A Nathaniel B Palmer bumper sticker
A web link so that you can follow the expedition ask questions and see YOUR flag highlighted from the southern hemisphere..

If you are interested and believe this type of research might interest; you, your students, children, colleagues, please check out this link for more information...and email me your name and snail mail mailing address.


So far I have twenty states participating and  I need your help to reach all corners of America.

Thank you for your time in reading my message, I so hope to hear from any and all interested parties.


Jillian Worssam
Eight Grade Science Educator
Flagstaff, Arizona
PolarTREC Educator 2014
STEM Sponsor
Oceanography Sponsor
Board Member "Flagstaff Festival of Science"

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