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Hi ESIP Members,

Do you have a resource that you think would be useful for middle or high
school students in the Earth and space science or environmental science
classroom?  This fall, ESIP is partnering with the National Earth Science
Teachers Association to highlight ESIP member produced educational
resources that are relevant to student and educator needs.

We will be offering a workshop at three conferences this fall, and have
space to highlight two different resources at these hour-long workshops
(the same two for all three conferences). If you are interested in this
opportunity, be in touch with Roberta Johnson at rmjohnsn at nestanet.org.
Your participation in person at the workshop is welcome, but not required,
if you are not planning to attend these conferences.  A description of the
session is provided below.

*Using Data in the Earth and Space Science Classroom to Engage Students as
Real Scientists *

Description: This NESTA-ESIP hands-on workshop highlights freely-available
lessons and strategies integrating data acquisition, analysis, and
interpretation in the classroom engaging students in the scientific process.

*Session Abstract: *The past 20 years have been exciting times for the
fields of Earth and Space Science (ESS) as technology has changed the way
scientists view Earth and space. Measurement platforms provide a myriad of
data to answer questions about Earth processes and how humans are affecting
them. The Next Generation Science Standards have applied this new view in
developing grade-appropriate performance expectations that mirror the work
of scientists. Students will be expected to collect and analyze data, build
models, and employ scientific practices to answer questions about the
natural world. A central aspect of this process is data – acquisition,
analysis, and interpretation.  This session will provide exemplary teaching
resources to assist teachers with the use of data in the classroom in
meaningful applications that engage students in the study of Earth and
space science. Participants will engage with hands-on lessons that utilize
the cross-cutting concepts to unite core ideas and incorporate a variety of
science and engineering practices. This workshop, which is offered through
collaboration between the National Earth Science Teachers Association
(NESTA) and the Earth System Information Partnership (ESIP), focuses on
freely available materials offered by ESIP-associated programs, NESTA and
its flagship ESS education website, Windows to the Universe.
*Kyle A. Nelson*
Meteorologist | Education & Outreach Specialist
Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies

Instructor - National Disaster Preparedness Training Center

Student Fellow & Education Committee Member
Federation of Earth Science Information Partners

Tel: 616-402-0984
Email: wxkylenelson at gmail.com
Twitter: @wxkylenelson <http://www.twitter.com/wxkylenelson>
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