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This seems relevant to some of you.

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[IEEE Computer Society Webinar Series]
October 16, 11AM EDT / 8AM PST
Smarter Product Development:
Agile and Mission-Critical IT<http://news.computer.org/bf/EmailCampaign.php?lf1=5741037355d993833758709e31222158&urlid=278459>

[Corporate Perimeter]

Don’t Miss This Free Webinar!

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TIME: Thursday, October 16, 11AM EDT / 8AM PST


Attendees will learn:

  *   The value and benefits of agile techniques in mission-critical systems development
  *   Adapting agile development practices for mission-critical systems environments
  *   The challenges of developing mission-critical systems

Agile methods can be used to create and manage mission-critical systems, but it requires diligence and the application of agile project governance, dynamic planning, test-driven development, incremental development, frequent validation, and dynamic risk management.

Bruce Powel Douglass is the chief evangelist for IBM Rational® with over 30 years specializing in the development of real-time and embedded systems and software.

Join Us for this Essential Webinar.<http://news.computer.org/bf/EmailCampaign.php?lf1=5741037355d993833758709e31222158&urlid=278459>

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[Register here]

“Agile and Mission-Critical IT<http://news.computer.org/bf/EmailCampaign.php?lf1=5741037355d993833758709e31222158&urlid=278459>”

October 16, 11AM EDT / 8AM PST (Duration: 1 hour)

Presented by Bruce Powel Douglass, IBM

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