[ESIP-all] Bridging across bridges: engaging the geoscience research community in standards development

Arctur, David K david.arctur at utexas.edu
Wed Jan 7 18:28:23 EST 2015

Folks, I’ve been an infrequent blogger, but broke silence today, see:

This has been stewing for me since last fall, when I was helping with an NSF DIBBS proposal that would’ve included specific guidance and funding for academic involvement in OGC standards development. It’s the first time I had an idea how to loosely couple the OGC and NSF processes. That language got pulled from the proposal before it was submitted (“length limits” I was told) but it’s the first time it seemed possible.

In the EarthCube demonstration governance, we’re considering ways to coordinate EarthCube projects with international geospatial and other relevant data standards. Some comments by Chris Tucker and Steve Richard brought this back to the front for me, and I started to write about it. The first part linked above was for context. Stay tuned for part 2 about EarthCube. Please comment.

Maybe I’ll actually send out a tweet now about this. I’ve been such an email kind of guy. First time for everything… ;-)

Cheers for the new year, dka
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