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Sharing to ESIP:

"The newly formed Coalition for Data Publication in the Earth and Space Sciences intends to provide an organizational framework for Earth and space science publishers and data facilities to jointly implement and promote common policies and procedures for the publication and citation of data across Earth Science journals.

Marking the launch of the partnership is a joint Statement of Commitment<http://www.copdess.org/home/statement-of-commitment/> signed by key publishers and repositories that is released on January 15, 2015."


On 1/15/15 8:12 AM, "Brooks Hanson" <BHanson at agu.org<mailto:BHanson at agu.org>> wrote:

hi all

Kerstin has created a web site for the coalition:  copdess.org

We’ve posted the statement of commitment here with signatories:

Some further cleanup of the web site soon.  We will have an Eos article (http://eos.org ) out this morning describing the effort and linking to the statement.

Thanks for all your help on this effort.

Best regards,
Brooks, Kerstin, and Joel

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