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Tue May 5 10:21:17 EDT 2015

We are looking for a few more good talks about developing and emerging standards and technologies at the ESDIS Standards Office session at the summer ESIP meeting.
Please let us know if you are interested.

Yonsook Enloe
Allan Doyle
Helen Conover


Abstract for the ESO session:

ESO (ESDIS Standards Office) Session on Developing & Emerging Standards and Technologies

NASA’s ESDIS (Earth Science Data and Information Systems) Standards Office’s current Standards Process<http://earthdata.nasa.gov/data/standards-and-references/standards-process-overview>[1] requires complete documentation of a candidate standard as well as examples of implementations before it is reviewed for approval as a NASA Earth Science Data Systems standard.

But what happens when NASA wants to evaluate and support a developing or emerging standard?   Quite often the documentation is not yet complete and experience with implementations can be very limited.  Instead of waiting for the developing standard to “firm up” or for multiple implementations to be developed over time (and this can be a lengthy time period), sometimes NASA’s ESDIS project has an interest in speeding up this process.  Timely evaluations of a developing standard would have a beneficial impact on its development both in terms of technical excellence and also to speed up the “firming up”.

There are developing technologies and data management best practices that would be of enormous benefit to the Earth science community if these were reviewed and vetted in some way and then made more visible to the broader community.

In this session, we will look at several examples of developing standards and technologies, hear technical presentations for each, and then discuss the ESO end goal for each – whether a community standard, or best practice, or technical information note is anticipated.

We invite you, as a member of the ESIP community, to give a talk about your developing standard, best practice, or technology.   We also have several invited presentations.  We have time for several presentations from the ESIP community.

1.     ESIP OpenSearch Best Practice, CEOS OpenSearch Best Practice, and Developer’s Guide – Doug Newman

2.     Cloud Computing Recommendations – Brian Wilson

3.     Guidelines for Provenance – Hook Hua

4.     Guidelines and Templates for Data Recipes – Suresh SanthanaVannan



Yonsook Enloe
Columbus Technologies & Services, Inc

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