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More details on the call for the RDA data challenge which is sure to feature some ESIP members. Right?



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RDA Announces Climate Data Challenge

Good afternoon RDA/US members. I'm sure you've already seen the recent communications requesting you to join RDA's 6th Plenary Climate Data Challenge, but I wanted to reiterate to you some highlights related to participation.

Objective of the Climate Data Challenge
RDA intends to use this challenge to demonstrate how important our ongoing work in is in solving numerous climate change issues. Specifically, through this activity, RDA is calling on its members to submit datasets that could be used in alleviating the negative impact of climate change in areas related to air quality, energy and urban activity and connecting them with individuals and organizations so they can be applied in business practices, projects, applications, etc.

Timing of the Climate Data Challenge
With the UN Climate Change Conference scheduled for December 2015 in Paris, France, RDA thought it would be impactful to focus on climate change at our own 6th Plenary, which will be held September 23-25, 2015, also in Paris.

Applicant Eligibility
Any member of RDA involved in the development of a dataset that can be used in addressing climate-related issues in the areas of air quality, energy and urban activity is welcome to participate in the challenge. From a US perspective, we highly encourage our US membership to participate in this event, as it will provide an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of your work and the commitment of RDA/US to this cause.

Submission Requirements

To submit your application for the Climate Data Challenge, the following is required:

  *   Description of dataset

  *   Identification of potential types of organizations that could apply this data set to their own work

Submission deadlines
Submission must be made online(https://rd-alliance.org/plenary-6-climate-change-data-challenge-submission-form.html<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001WSc7YIPbfil7mKANi4aqlVTotFLC2xVL2YaRrSbdNpTUSpggs7FKtsWAQiXj76cgnvlJBa3c9AdlRzpFb7hkTgtauXo_asU62OD4UsGSIheNGOt6D4RssMiseftZ9dvWaoR-LGql028I9OHnD28oT0R_VVoN7kJuyKWBXlq2tZbesS5kT9-jSGUV8KshIhvSdJr_sKk0rp7z0nDVdQdJWRxx-c2M-EiCsH3eIW-bY1P09boCBoO65NRoNqCgrSWLvvk4Mh9S6iaGZAJSHRx8vg==&c=THK-umgQs6ADLsvTni4o2NZlyC08FstqPYfGYO2I_KgtybBXpKH8gA==&ch=CjGE6jFjC1pJRAfCWWCrVlSgTrbaNAalZ7n_Sx305s2h8vfOLGWiRA==>) by midnight CET on May 21, 2015.

Selection and Review Process

After the submission deadline passes, the following will occur:

  *   May 22, 2015
RDA will begin promotion of submission entries to organizations with a call to incorporate one or more of the datasets into their own company as an application pilot.

June 22, 2015
Organizations have until June 22, 2015 to provide RDA a summary of the application pilot.

June 30, 2015
RDA will identify 3 application pilots to be taken forward.

  *   September 24, 2015
During RDA's 6th Plenary Climate Change Data Challenge Day, RDA will announce the challenge winner (which will include the dataset owner and organization).

December 2015
The challenge winner's solution and dataset will be demonstrated during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21).

Contact Information:
Please email p6-challenge at rd-alliance.org<mailto:p6-challenge at rd-alliance.org> with any questions or concerns.

Please start submitting your datasets today and/or sharing this announcement with those who you think would be interested in participating.

Thank you for your time.

Yolanda Meleco
Communications Manager



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