[ESIP-all] NFIE Request for SAR Images

David Arctur darctur at opengeospatial.org
Tue Jun 16 23:09:11 EDT 2015

Dear colleagues, 

Please see request below for SAR imagery over continental US for flood mapping. Any help appreciated! 

Thanks, dka

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From: Fernando Salas <fernando.r.salas at gmail.com <mailto:fernando.r.salas at gmail.com>>
Date: Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 9:06 PM
Subject: NFIE Request for SAR Images


As part of NFIE we have a project team working on putting together a historical database of inundation maps for validation. The team has determined although they can use some Landsat images, they would benefit from access to a database of SAR images where cloud cover isn't an issue and spatial resolution is higher. Does anyone have any contacts for pursuing this further or know of an existing database that doesn't require payment? Please see the request below from the project team. Thanks so much!


In effort to produce high resolution flood inundation maps, this NFIE team has recognized the benefits of using SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) images as opposed to Landsat imagery. Unfortunately, current internet research to obtain useful sets of SAR imagery at or near a flood's peak stage has proven unsuccessful. This team requests access to sets of SAR data so that flood inundation mapping may be performed at higher spatial an temporal accuracy, and without cloud cover. Ideally, these data would be geometrically rectified. If such a source for SAR imagery exists, it would facilitate a higher resolution calibration of national flood models. 

Fernando R. Salas
Graduate Research Assistant | Center for Research in Water Resources
Environmental and Water Resources Engineering | The University of Texas at Austin
Director of Projects | EWB-USA Greater Austin Chapter
Contact: (980) 263-4818 <tel:%28980%29%20263-4818> (cell)

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