[ESIP-all] Seeking place-based climate educators to present at AGU 2015

Gilly Puttick gilly_puttick at terc.edu
Fri Jun 26 09:51:35 EDT 2015

Please consider submitting your abstract to "Climate literacy: What are 
the impacts of place-based education?" 

Place-based education has demonstrated positive learning and affective 
outcomes in many subject areas.  As climate change effects increasingly 
becomes visible in responses of organisms at the local level, place-based 
educators  see opportunities to engage learners  with these phenomena. 
With this session, we hope to grow the place-based climate education 
community by bringing together practitioners and researchers in 
place-based education for a conversation about what works, and what the 
challenges are. 

Best regards -
Gilly Puttick, Catherine Carlton,  and Brian Drayton


Gilly Puttick
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