[ESIP-all] BESSIG meeting! Thu, 7/9, 4:00 Gondolier

Anne Wilson anne.wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Sat Jul 4 16:52:34 EDT 2015


It's been a while, but we have a BESSIG meeting next week!  If you 
happen to be in Boulder next week, please join us on Thu, July 9 at the 
Gondolier, when Joe Hourcle, from Goddard, will speak to us about 
"Identifiers and Relationships".  Please see below for Joe's abstract 
and bio.

Hope to see you there!

Identifiers & Relationships


At a recent meeting, I came to realize that there are quite a few people 
who have more recently come into the field of data informatics, and have 
missed out on much of the discussions over the last decade on data 
identifiers.  In the last few weeks two papers were published by some of 
the same co-authors that took a contrary position on the presentation of 
identifiers, although that was not a focus on either of the papers.

I will give an overview of some of the issues regarding identifiers for 
data (both those that I think are resolved and not), the need for 
vocabulary and standards to describe what is being identified, and the 
implications for data citation and describing other data relationships.


Joe Hourcle is (as of the time this was written) a programmer/analyst 
for the Solar Data Analysis Center at Goddard Space Flight Center, 
working as a programmer / DBA / sysadmin / cataloger / whatever else on 
the Virtual Solar Observatory.  He has an interest in classifying things 
and naming concepts -- he has been working with Todd King on a (still 
unpublished) vocabulary to discuss data systems 
(http://virtualsolar.org/vocab), and back before he knew anything about 
ontologies & controlled vocabularies, added the topics to fark.com.  He 
would also like to remind you that the crew neck means that most 
t-shirts qualify as a 'shirt with a collar'.

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