[ESIP-all] BESSIG meeting: Mon, 8/31, 4:00, Gondolier, 'Internet Identity'

Anne Wilson anne.wilson at lasp.colorado.edu
Mon Aug 24 19:44:10 EDT 2015


If you're lucky enough to be in Boulder next Monday, stop on by our 
Boulder Earth and Space Science Informatics Group meeting.  Our speaker 
will be Ken Klingenstein from Internet2 presenting:

Leveraging Internet Identity for Scientific Collaborations

"In the last several years there has been rapid development of an 
identity layer for the Internet. Efforts in government, R&E, businesses 
and among social identity providers are creating an infrastructure of 
identity and attributes that is being leveraged to access 
supercomputers, social sites, health care providers, federal research 
agencies, instrumentation and databases, cloud based storage and compute 
services, etc.

The two major areas in this work are federated identity, which allows 
local identities, authentication and attributes to be used 
Internet-wide, and collaboration platforms, which allow virtual 
organizations and other multi-institutional efforts to build on 
federated identity and seamlessly use a growing pool of collaboration 
applications (wikis, listservs, file sharing, code management tools, 
command line apps, etc).

This talk will discuss the current state of federated identity, 
including international inter-federation and US government activities, 
and how federated identities are being used in leading-edge US science 
communities. It will then present the emergence of collaboration 
platforms, and their ability to integrate access control and group 
management across collaboration applications using open standards. Demos 
might happen; interruptions and comments most welcome."

A bit more information is available at the web site: 


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