[ESIP-all] TerraClip: A new tool from TerraPop

Amber E Budden aebudden at dataone.unm.edu
Thu Sep 3 12:07:22 EDT 2015

TerraPop, a fellow NSF DataNet, is excited to announce their new tool -
TerraClip <https://data.terrapop.org/terraclip> which may be of interest to
the ESIP community.

TerraClip allows you to easily get a country-level subset of selected
global raster datasets. TerraClip's simple interface allows you to view and
download the information you want for your areas of interest, either as an
image or as georeferenced data for use in a GIS.

Existing sites for obtaining global-scale raster data are often difficult
to use and require significant post-processing. TerraClip saves you the
trouble of navigating those sites, identifying tiles in your area of
interest, and stitching the tiles together.

TerraClip currently includes data on land cover, agricultural land use, and

For questions you can contact the TerraPop Team via terrapop at umn.edu or

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