[ESIP-all] WDS Webinar#7: Historical Seismograms--Preserving an Endangered

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Dear Colleagues,

I have the pleasure to invite you to attend the upcoming WDS Webinar#7
entitled* 'Historical Seismograms: Preserving an Endangered Species'*

   - *Speaker:* Professor Emile Okal (Department of Geological Sciences at
   Northwestern University, USA)
   - *Date:* 5 November 2015
   - *Time: *22:00 UTC (check your local time

REGISTER <https://www.icsu-wds.org/community/webinars/webinar-7> for the
Webinar (100 seats available only!):


The youth of seismology as a science, compared to the typical duration of
seismic cycles, results in a relative scarcity of records of large
earthquakes available for processing by modern analytical techniques, which
in turn makes archived datasets of historical seismograms extremely
valuable in order to enhance our understanding of the occurrence of large,
destructive earthquakes. Unfortunately, the value of these datasets is not
always perceived adequately by decision-making administrators, which has
resulted in the destruction (or last-minute salvage) of irreplaceable

We present a quick review of the nature of the datasets of seismological
archives, and of specific algorithms allowing their use for the modern
retrieval of the source characteristics of the relevant earthquakes. We
then describe protocols for the transfer of analog datasets to digital
support, including by contact-less photography when the poor physical state
of the records prevents the use of mechanical scanners.

Finally, we give some worldwide examples of existing collections, and of
successful programs of digital archiving of these valuable datasets.

*Register here:* https://www.icsu-wds.org/community/webinars/webinar-7

Best wishes,

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