[ESIP-all] Problems logging on to WebEx meetings

Dan Keyes dankeyes at esipfed.org
Thu Oct 22 11:52:42 EDT 2015

Hi All,
Some of you have been experiencing difficulties signing in to WebEx 
meetings lately, and we have uncovered the cause.
WebEx has announced that there is a problem using their software on a 
MAC, in conjunction with the newest release of Google Chrome. They have 
provided the workarounds listed below while they research and attempt to 
correct the problem.
This should only be an issue if you are using a MAC, running OSX 
10.10.x, and you are using the latest version of Google Chrome. If this 
is you and you cannot get WebEx Meeting Center to start, then follow the 
solutions below, or just use Firefox or Safari which both seem to work fine.
Dan Keyes

Cisco WebEx reports:
"There is an Ongoing Service Outage for this Issue that MAC 10.10.x 
users on the new Chrome 45 browser hangs on Connecting when joining 
The Engineering Team has suggested a few workarounds mentioned below for 
your reference.
Solution #1: 1. Uninstall the WebEx application by deleted the folder 
"user>library>application support>webex folder"
Solution #2: 1. Open the chrome extensions (Chrome->Windows-> 
extensions) 2. Remove Cisco WebEx Extension 1.0.1 3. Then try start the 
meeting again. "

Dan Keyes
Operations & Special Projects
Foundation for Earth Science
dankeyes at esipfed.org

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