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SanthanaVannan, Suresh santhanavans at ornl.gov
Tue Dec 8 09:20:37 EST 2015


The Climate Change Science Institute (CCSI - http://climatechangescience.ornl.gov/) and National Center for Computational Science (NCCS - http://computing.ornl.gov/nccs.shtml) at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Lab) have an opening for a senior research scientist in data integration, dissemination, and informatics (DIDI). We are looking for a nationally and internationally recognized thought leader to help lead and grow the DIDI research efforts.  This person will help us solve the "big data" problem associated with studying the climate system and how natural and human systems influence and are impacted by a changing climate.  A key focus will be identifying, accessing, and using data in novel ways to address some of the most pressing challenges facing humankind.  The successful candidate will be able to draw upon the substantial expertise and tools available at the CCSI, NCCS, and the Lab; including one of the fastest and most capable supercomputers in the world; world-class climate, population, and urban dynamic models; sophisticated data management and visualization tools; and an exceptional collaborative research environment.  For more information and a full job description please contact Julianna Presley at presleyj at ornl.gov<mailto:presleyj at ornl.gov>.

Senior Research Scientist in Climate Change Data Integration, Dissemination, and Informatics NB50526657<https://recruiting.ornl.gov/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/hrrcf_a_posting_apply?PARAM=cG9zdF9pbnN0X2d1aWQ9MDA1MDU2QjQzOTc3MUVENUEyQTk3RjREOTcyQzM0M0ImY2FuZF90eXBlPUVYVA%3d%3d&sap-client=010&sap-language=EN>  - Apply Here!


Suresh Vannan
Data Theme Lead, Climate Change Science Institute (CCSI)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Oak Ridge
TN 37831
Phone: 865-241-6181

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